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MarSurf XC 2 // Contour Measuring

The MarSurf XC 2 is the perfect introduction to Mahr’s cutting-edge contour metrology. The PC-based instrument offers all the performance features required for contour measurement and evaluation both in measuring rooms and in production. Clearly laid-out icons and convenient user-friendly help make this practical product easy to handle. The MarSurf XC 2 combines decades of experience in contour metrology with state-of-the-art, pioneering technology. MarSurf XC 2 is Mahr’s future-oriented, MarWin-based contour evaluation software.

Below are some of the main functions:

  • Creating regression lines and circles

  • Creating points, intersection points, free points, center points, max-min points

  • Creating coordinate systems

  • Calculating radii, distances, angles, coordinates, line form deviations

  • reference/actual comparisons

  • Tolerance monitoring

  • automatic program sequences

This equipment can measure profile of variety of can tooling such as:

  1. Punch Transition

  2. Ironing Die Angle

  3. Ironing Die Land Length

  4. Redraw Die Radius

  5. Necking Die Profile

  6. Mandrel Nose

  7. Dome Die & etc.....

Calibration of the measuring station is quick and easy, as is the first measurement. The visual representation of the measuring station showing the axis positions makes the setup process much faster. all the measuring conditions are selected in the “measuring assistant” menu to allow a precise measurement. a “start point-end point measurement” function helps you with your first measurement. The profile curve is even shown on-screen during the measurement.


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