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Reduce tool tolerances​

  • Save material by reducing wall thickness​

Avoid problems in can forming

  • Less downtimes​

  • Greater Yield​

  • No tool related crashs​

Shorter set-up times​

  • Shorter downtimes​

Longer tool lifetime​

IOC 2G Front.jpg


Generally, there are 2 types of RINGMASTER:

1. ID-type for measurement of inside diameter and roundness

2. IOC type for measurement of inside and outside diameter and roundness and measurement of concentricity

- High measuring accuracy (1µm for ring diameter 66mm)

- Compact and durable construction

- Simultaneous measurement of diameter and roundness

- Contactless measurement

- Automatic measuring sequence

- High control comfort using ergonomic software

- Objective and recordable measurements

- High measuring rate

- Can be adapted to any test diameters


PUNCHMASTER features the following measuring and functions:

  • Outside diameter at any z-position (height position)

  • Outside roundness at any z-position (height position)

  • Automatic step measurement

  • Measurement of step position

  • Measurement of outside profile

  •  Measurement of taper

  •  Calculation of transition radius and transition angle

Punchmaster + Tisch Rau.jpg
URP HDR Front.jpg


The URP serves for the highly accurate measurement of the inside diameter of ironing rings and necking dies and the outside diameter of punches and knock outs, used in beverage can manufacture. The URP was specially developed for the use in beverage can industry.

RING & Punch Inspector

The RING & PUNCH INSPECTOR provides fatigue free and detailed inspection of the inside surface of each kind of ironing ring.Using a stereo zoom microscope and a special illumination, a high contrast image is provided to the operator. The mechanical setup was specially designed to meet the needs in beverage can manufacturing and enables the exact positioning of the ring and punch under the microscope.

Ring und Punchinspektor.jpg


Measuring task of RICOS is the measurement and evaluation of the inside profile of ironing rings in beverage can manufacture.

The measuring and evaluation system RICOS serve the profile measurement and the tolerance evaluation of ironing rings for beverage can manufacture.

In the production employment of the ironing ring the profile and the position of the edge (land) in dependence of the wear changes. RICOS serve for the measurement of the form and the position of the land.


By tolerance patterns the rings can be classified regarding their employment fitness.

It proved as sufficient to work with a profile only relatively measured in y-direction since the associated absolute position of the edge is to be determined easily and comfortably over a measurement with the RINGMASTER«.



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