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We work together with OEG GmbH in this special field.

All the equipment are made in Germany.

The company OEG was founded in 1991 and works successful in the field of development and production of optical metrology system for industrial and research application.

OEG focused on optical non contact measuring systems for optical, geometrical and physical parameters.

DGMS – Die Geometry Measuring System

The DGMS is a measuring system for

Drawing Dies, Enameling Dies, Shaped Dies, Wires, Shaped Wires and Rods.

  • Diameter and Roundness of Drawing Dies and Enameling Dies

  • bore area of drawing dies and Enameling Dies

  • With optional additional hard- and software modules, the following measuring functions can be added:

  • Reduction angle of drawing dies

  • Bearing length of wire drawing dies

  • Diameter and Roundness of Wires

  • Parameters of Shaped Dies, Shaped Wires and Rods.



Die Measuring System

Direct measurement of the drawing die diameter is possible from a diameter of approx. 0.015 mm. Non-contact, operator-independent measurement using image processing is well suited.
Compared to the traditional method, in which a wire is first drawn through the drawing die, the direct method is considerably faster, particularly as it saves one or two work steps. So the return on investment is less than a year.

The drawing die is manually inserted into the measuring device and a recording is triggered by pressing a button. At first, the measuring system is focused automatically and software controlled.
The result appears on the monitor in approximately 5 seconds.

DDI – Drawing Die Inspector

The Drawing Die Inspector (DDI) serves for the detailed visual inspection of the inside surface of wire drawing dies.

DMS - Die Measuring System

DMS is a low cost but accurate measuring system for diameter and roundness of wire drawing dies. The measurement is performed optically by image processing software.

Precision micro diamond scriber MR 200

The setup and the equipment of MR 200 provides high precision scribing for defined cutting of structured silicon wafers. The MR 200 is an indispensable tool, in particular for REM preparations in semiconductor technology. The MR 200 is also suited for singling of chips in low numbers,

Measuring instruments for optical parameters

  • MTF MASTER IIT – MTF Test System for Image Intensifier Tubes

  • Optics Test Stations for single lenses and optical systems

  • OTS-Z – Optics Test Station for cylindrical lenses


  • Wedge Angle Measuring System

Contact Angle Surface Tension

The contact angle measuring system SURFTENS‐automatic is designed for use in semiconductor industry and research,in particular for process control of wafer coating and in the photolithographic process.

Fastest measuring of contact angle and homogeneity.

Highest accuracy with automatic measuring functions.

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