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Printing Machine Ink

We Repair and Provide parts for

  1. Gravure Printing machines

  2. Off Set Printing machines

  3. Flexographic Printing machines

  4. Digital Printing machines.

Moreover, we also provide engineering solutions to:

  1. Rigid Box Packaging

  2. Moulded Pulp Packaging

  3. Rigid Paper Container / Paper Can 

Industrial Printing


We design and develop automation system for sim card packing and other packaging products.

Our machine shop also machine/repair parts of the printing/packaging machine

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-22 at 11.57_edited.jpg

To Repair Printing Brass Roller

Window Patching Block Mold

Valve bracket with wire cut slot

Transfer roller holder


We build special automation equipment for Rigid Box Production Line to improve end product consistency and to reduce man power at the line. 

We also design and machine rigid box molds (moulds) using tough engineering plastic for different shape.

Explore more successful projects at our AUTOMATION PAGE.

Fancy Box

Moulded Pulp Packaging

This eco-friendly packaging is manufactured with 100% raw materials mainly from post-industrial waste. 

We do a lot of modification of the molds (moulds) to improve the efficiency and consistency of the production line. 

We also design, machine and build checking/testing apparatus of the end product.


Paper Can is always the popular choice for potato chips, beverage powder and dried fruits.​

We fabricate and repair machine parts such as Collar, Roller and other accesories.

We also provide paper roll lifter and other safety related tools for the industry. 

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